Hello everyone!  I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog for a while to act as an outlet for my pale skin beauty related adventures.

I’ve been described as porcelain, alabaster, fair, pale, Casper, and I’m embracing it!  I was matched to shade NC 15 for the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, but when I compare it to my neck and chest, I think I really should be an NC 5 or 10, if they made it.  I tend to hide from the sun as best as I can with floppy hats.  I’ve also become a bit of a sunscreen connoisseur.  I can sometimes be seen out and about with my UV protective umbrella underneath the California sun.  I’m drawn towards glowy, dewy skin.

Now, I’m not a makeup expert by any means.  I’m still learning as I go.  But I wanted to record my experiences with products that are suitable on my own sensitive, dry, pale, Asian skin. I often end up with products that irritate my skin or shades that offer such a contrast that I fear I am entering clown territory !   Hopefully, this blog will be able to help other fair ladies who are also looking for products that actually work for them and be fun in the process.

Beauty is fun, and we can all use a bit more fun and whimsy in life 🙂


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