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Easy Peasy Brown Smokey Feline Look!

It has been quite rainy recently in California, so of course to wait out the rain, I played with some makeup!  I have been making it a point to apply eye shadows in a certain way to elongate my eyes because they are quite round.  I ended up with this brown smokey feline look and I actually quite like it.  The photos wash out the colors unfortunately, but it is actually a pretty dark, smokey look using only two eye shadows.  I also am trying out a new liquid liner that came out recently, the L’Oreal Voluminous Liner Noir.  Read on to see how to achieve this look!

brown smokey feline look

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Sultry, Messy Bronze Smokey Eye Look! Because Life is Messy

Here it is – my first Makeup Attempt post of 2017!  I’ve been really loving soft, smokey, messier looks recently.  The clean, minimal and perfect makeup, while we had a good run, is beginning to be a bore. Perhaps it has to do with gradual changes with my outlook on life as the years go by.  Life is messy, imperfect, and full of blurry areas.  Might as well embrace it.   Here’s to 2017!  For this look, I chose to play with bronzes, browns, and purples.  I quite like the end result – a sultry, messy bronze smokey eye.

sultry, messy bronze smokey eye

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Wearable Green Smokey Eye using MAC Greensmoke!

Recently, I have been playing with my makeup in the evenings.  More specifically, playing with makeup that is more colorful than what I am use to.  When you’re pale, color is scary because the contrast of the color on your skin can be loud and attention-grabbing.  For some reason, the thought of wearing such makeup applied by my amateur hands makes me feel like my awkward middle-school self, trying to avoid being noticed, though I wore no makeup then!  I’m still awkward.

Wearing so-called loud makeup in the comfort of my own home, however, is a baby step and good practice for figuring out how to apply the makeup in a flattering way that makes sense on my fair skin.  Here is a wearable, natural green smokey eye that I had fun creating.  I think I can wear this during a casual evening out with friends or for a casual date.  In fact, if I were truly daring, I would just wear this out during the day because it is not as intense as a dark smokey eye!

wearable green smokey eye using MAC Greensmoke Eyeshadow

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Dark Winter Makeup Using Only Drugstore Products

Sometimes at night I play with makeup.  Here is a dark winter look using only drugstore products.  It features a beautiful green and burgundy duo chrome eye shadow that brings mystery and dimension to the eyes while also hinting at holiday colors in a muted, darkened fashion!

Have fun! Winter is coming…

dark winter makeup using only drugstore products

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Pale Skin Red Lips Makeup with Revlon’s Love is On

A good red lipstick is always classic and glamorous.  It instantly elevates your look even when everything else on you is plain.  I use to think that I couldn’t pull off red lipstick because the pale skin red lips combo seemed too bright.  If you find the right red for you, however, you can rock a red lip for special occasions or even everyday if you like! If you’re looking at options for a beautiful red lipstick for pale skin, then read on!

I found this gem of a red lipstick randomly while browsing at Wal-Mart and picked it up to try as it was the very last one.  It must mean that people love it! It is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love is On.

Revlon Love is On lipstick for pale skin

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Pale Skin Dark Lips Makeup

I think pale skin with dark, rich lip colors can be quite beautiful and very bold.  On one hand, it can look very chic.  On the other, it feels vampiric, which is perfect with Halloween around the corner!  Here is my attempt on pale skin dark lips makeup!

Image of pale skin dark lips makeup on

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Subtle, Warm Autumn Look using Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder in Mocha Spice

This look is very clean and subtle, using the gorgeous Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder in Mocha Spice.  I have been using this powder religiously since I got it.  It may be my favorite….


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Wedding Look Attempt 2 – Pinkish Bronze

Here’s another attempt at wedding makeup.   I was thinking the best way to go about with this wedding look challenge is to focus on one part of the makeup at a time – the eyes, the base, the contouring, the blush, etc etc.  That way it is easier to focus on what one product or technique adds to the overall look. Continue reading

Wedding Makeup Attempt 1

Hi everyone

I am getting married at the end of next October! Yay!  We’ve been engaged for a few months, and I am just getting into the details of wedding planning now. Which means I’ve started thinking about makeup.  Maybe it’s a bit early for that, but my mind has drifted towards it.  We all want to look beautiful on the big day, right?

I was planning on finding a makeup artist to do my makeup and my lovely bridesmaids’ makeup. Then, I had the idea to do it myself.  It would be fun and save $$$!  Keeping under the wedding budget is important to me! Continue reading