ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo and other ELF Goodies

This no-buy I set for myself is downgraded to a low-buy haha.  Obviously, I love makeup, so let’s be real and give makeup a bigger space in my life.  I’m still being careful of the colors and products I choose.  It’s all about that balance 🙂  Anyway,  I recently ordered some things from ELF, and I am so excited about them because they seem really good for us pale princesses.  I’m probably most excited about about the new ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo because the colors look promising and duos are easy and quick to use!  Read on to see my thoughts.

ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo and other ELF Goodies

First off, I want to talk about the ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo.  I saw them on the ELF website and just said yes.  The colors I chose are perfect for an everyday, easy, neutral look.

I chose the shades Pink Pal (top duo) and Tea for Two (bottom duo).  There is also a beautiful bronze and brown duo that I did not purchase because I have a lot of bronzes and browns, a pretty purple duo, and a peach and light bronze duo that is sold out.  I never got into the peach craze though so I’m not disappointed.

The ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo in Pink Pal contains a light pink shimmer (NOT a girly in your face pink) and a nice matte taupe shade.  The pink shimmer would be beautiful all over the lids to brighten the eyes and the taupe is the perfect blending shade for the outer corners and crease.

Tea for Two contains a lovely matte cream color that I plan on using all over the eye lid as a base color and a shimmery pink-tan shade that would be amazing all over the lids.  I think these two duos together would make a lovely quad actually.  The colors work well with each other.

On with the swatches!

ELF Best Friends Eye Shadow Duo in Pink Pal and Tea for Two

Left: Pink Pal; Right: Tea for Two

The pigmentation of the ELF Best Friend Eye Shadow Duo is ok.  It’s not the most pigmented and the powder is on the dry side.  However, I don’t mind it when makeup isn’t the most pigmented because of my pale skin.  It can actually be easier to work with less pigmented products because I don’t have to be so careful.  So, these duos can be great for you pale princesses out there.

The shimmer of the two duos I have is not glittery or chunky, but a beautiful soft shimmer.  I love that all of the the duos contain a matte and a shimmer because it gives your makeup added dimension without added thought ;).  These duos will take no thought at all when you are using them because ELF paired the colors so well, and you don’t have to find a matte to go with the shimmer because it has already been done for you!

The added bonus to these little duos is that they’re only $3 each.   All in all, I would recommend these for easy, thought-free, pretty makeup!

I also got the ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow in Toast.

ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow Toast ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow Toast

It’s so pretty!!  It’s a beautiful shimmery antique gold shade. It would be pretty all over the lids as a base or just in the center of your lid for an extra pop.  I’m really into bronzes during the summery days so this will be perfect.

When I swatched this ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow in Toast,  it felt kind of soft, bouncy, and gel-like.  It was an interesting consistency.  My finger left a little dent in the shadow. This little beauty is also $3.  Seriously, ELF is really impressing me with some of their products at the typical ELF price points.

But one thing I am not impressed with is this Shadow Lock Eye Lid Primer in Pearl.

I thought I was going to get a pearlescent eye primer that would add some shimmer and dimension to eye shadows. What I got was a chalky, white substance with coarse white flecks of stuff in it that is supposed to be glitter, I think.  The glitter in this primer is chunky, uneven, and not reflective the way glitter typically is.  I don’t want this near my eye in case the chunks fall in.

Save your pennies for something else!

Moving on!  I also stocked up on mascara.

ELF 3 in 1 mascara eye enhancing mascara mineral infused mascara and primer

I’m probably good for mascara for the rest of the year.  I have never tried ELF mascaras, but they get pretty good reviews, especially the ELF mineral infused mascara.  The ELF Eye Enhancing mascara is interesting because it is suppose to be light reflective and bring out the color of your eyes.

I’m also curious about the ELF Mascara Primer.  With my sparse, short lashes, I’m always hoping for something that will enhance them!

Next up, I got some false lashes and the ELF Beautifully Precise Powder Brush.

ELF Beautifully Precise Powder Brush and false lashes

I only recently began experimenting with false lashes after my makeup artist for my bridal hair/makeup trial put some on me.  I rather like them considering my natural lashes are barely detectable and I suddenly had soft, fluttery lashes!   I got the ELF Timeless Luxe Lash kit and Mod Glamour Luxe Lash kit because they looked like the most natural lashes out of their selection.  They’re shorter and not as thick and lash-liciously dramatic.

I also got the ELF Beautifully Precise Powder Brush.  I’ve been wanting a second large powder brush for a while.  I love my Real Techniques large powder brush, but not when it’s dirty and I haven’t had time to wash it!

ELF Beautifully Precise Powder Brush vs Real Techniques Powder brush

I prefer my powder brushes to be big and fluffy because it applies powder faster.  The ELF Beautifully Precise Powder Brush is a good sized powder brush.  Can I just say how much I love the clear handle too?  It’s so pretty! The handle is triangular shaped so it won’t roll off your table.

The brush feels sturdy too.  Sometimes, ELF brushes are hit or miss and the ferrules are a bit wobbly, but not this one!

The brush bristles are not too densely packed.  The Real Techniques large powder brush is denser.  The bristles are nice and soft though, and I think it will apply powder beautifully.

For size reference, here is the ELF Beautifully Precise powder brush next to my Real Techniques large powder brush:

The ELF Beautifully Precise powder brush is a little bigger than the Real Techniques powder brush.

Finally, when I ordered, ELF had a best-seller gift with purchase promotion, and I must say, they were really generous with their gift bundle!

ELF Best Friends Eye Shadow Duo and more Elf goodies

The gift bundle included a full sized baked highlighter and bronzer in Bronzed glow, a matte lip color pencil in Tea Rose, a setting spray, and a cream eyeliner.

I’ve always wondered about the ELF cream eyeliner but never tried it so I was quite happy that it came for free.  I can also always use more setting spray, so I’ll be testing out the setting spray at one point this summer.

Matte lip products are not my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised by the ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose!

ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose ELF Matte Lip Color Tea Rose

Tea Rose is a cool-toned mauve color.   It has good pigmentation, and no scent.  On my lips, it is not drying like most matte formulas.  The ELF Matte Lip Color actually feels moisturizing on me.  It is not dead matte either –  I guess it’s a matte but not flat type of thing.

ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose

The Elf Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose is deeper than my natural lips.  Sometimes I think it pulls gray on me, but other times I think it looks good.  I have to play around with it a bit more, but all in all, I’d say I like this formula!

Finally the ELF Baked Highlighter and Bronzer in Bronze Glow.  At first swatch, I really didn’t like it and was glad it was free.  There was almost no pigmentation even after some intense swatching, and the powder felt hard and bone dry.

I thought maybe there was some sort of an overspray on it to keep the powder intact (I don’t know?), so I took a tissue and rubbed off the top layer of product.  That seemed to help a little and I got these swatches:

ELF baked highlighter and bronzer in bronze glow

The colors actually look pretty and have a nice sheen, but it did take some work to get these swatches. That may be a good thing for us pale people as I mentioned before.  Even so, I think this product will take some effort to get it to show up.

I would not use the bronzer side as a bronzer.  It is too orange for me in my opinion.  It would do nicely as a warm eye shadow though.  The highlighter looks promising as a highlighter.  It is not too dark and has a nice, natural colored sheen.   The highlighter would also be pretty on the eyes.  I will play around with this some more.  The near total lack of pigmentation and dryness of the formula is off-putting, but I think the swatches are quite pretty!

And that’s it!  Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

In other news, I’ve been getting into the show Black Mirror on Netflix.  Pretty dark stuff, but I do enjoy watching it!  If you’re looking for some dark drama that leaves you feeling a little empty, try it!

All items mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.









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