Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review for Pale Skin

As someone with very pale skin, I know that foundations that really match your skin are hard to come by.  And when you do find one, you’re shocked! Although the foundation I am going to talk about is not that new anymore, I only recently tried it, and let me tell you, if you’re pale, go and test it out because it may work for you too!!  I’m talking about the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation! MUFE has an impressive shade range, and I tested Y205 Alabaster and Y215 Yellow Alabaster.  For the review and how these two compare on pale skin, read on!

So my personal thoughts on foundation, and makeup in general, are as such:  Although I may play around with colors and finishes etc., I think makeup is best when it is used to subtly enhance what nature has already graciously given us!

I think the MUFE Ultra HD foundation, can definitely fit this bill.  I find that when I use a light layer blended out with a damp makeup sponge, I can achieve a lovely, enhanced, but natural skin look that lasts all day.   It’s not matte, it’s not dewy either.  It just looks natural.  My skin looks even to me from when I put the foundation on to when I take it off.  It’s not heavy or sticky feeling either!

What is probably most impressive to me though, is that there is a shade light enough for me!

I tested out two colors, Y205 Alabaster (which is the lightest shade) and Y215 Yellow Alabaster (the next lightest yellow toned shade)

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Y205

Y205 Alabaster

Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation y205

Y205 Alabaster blended out

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation y215

Y215 Yellow Alabaster (slightly blended on neck too)


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Y215

Y215 Yellow Alabaster blended

To me, Y215 Yellow Alabaster was too yellow for me when I tested it on my jawline and neck.  Even after blending, you can still see the starkness of the yellow on my skin where the foundation is.  Y205 Alabaster is more neutral and seems like a better match!  It essentially disappeared after blending. I suspect it may be toooo light for me if I added more layers.  For light coverage though, it’s perfect. If your skin tone is like mine (more neutral and pale) I highly recommend Y205!!

left side - with light layer of MUFE Ultra HD foundation Y205

left side – with light layer of MUFE Ultra HD foundation Y205; right side – nothing, yikes!

MUFE ultra HD y205

When used on my face, along with other makeup, I really am in love with the color match and how it evened out my skintone and redness (see photo where half of my face has nothing on it)!!  That and the added benefit of supposedly looking flawless for HD cameras, I would say this foundation is a keeper.

Are you struggling to find a foundation light enough for your pale skin?  Have you tried the pale shades of the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation yet?


All products mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.




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