Original Lorac Unzipped Palette!

Recently, Lorac released three new Unzipped eye shadow palettes inspired by three different Southern California landscapes.  Going with the popular “warm and hot” eye trend we see from the Urban Decay Naked Heat or Tarte Toasted palette that I don’t think is released yet, Lorac now has the Ocean Sunset, Mountain Sunset, and Desert Sunset palettes to add to the original Lorac Unzipped line.

When I saw pictures of them, I was excited for a split second.  But then I saw that in each palette, there are a few colors that I know I will not personally like or use (or know how to use).  So then I was not excited.   Those brighter purples or strong orange and red based colors are just not my thing.

If I had to choose one, the Unzipped Mountain Sunset palette may be the most useful out of the bunch in my opinion because the colors seem to work together the most, and it has a lovely dark forest green for an accent color.  But still…if I’m not going to use some of the colors, it doesn’t make sense to me to get the whole palette.  I for one will not be purchasing any of the new Unzipped Sunset palettes!

Instead (haha), I purchased something I’ve wanted and put a lot of thought into for a long time – the original Lorac Unzipped palette that has been out for a few years:

original lorac unzipped

I typically stay away from palettes for the above stated reasons, but with the original Lorac Unzipped palette…it’s just beautiful.  It’s a palette full of amazing mauves, burgundies, rosy browns, and bronzes, where all the colors complement each other, make sense and are just freaking beautiful.  The palette also has a good balance of shimmer and matte shadows.  That’s a combination very difficult to find in a palette as I’ve discovered over the years.

The package also comes with a little Lorac eye shadow primer that I am excited to test out.

Also, to be honest, I’m not creative with eye looks and cannot think of flattering eye shadow combinations easily when presented with a palette full of shadows.  In fact, it stresses me out when there are too many colors.

The original Lorac Unzipped palette is easy to use, however, and the colors just make sense together.  I feel at peace with it, hahah.

original lorac unzipped

The cream colored shadow Undercover is a wonderful base color that is easy to replace if you run out before you run out of the other shadows.

Then, for a more done-up look, you can go across any row in order and achieve a beautiful look.  For example, for the first row, I like using Unbelievable (coppery mauve) or Unattainable (brown bronze) across the lid, Unconditional (mauve brown matte)  in the outer corner and a bit in the crease as a blending shade, and Unbridled (matte burgundy) to define the outer corner.

Same thing for the bottom row: Undiscovered (peachy gold), Unreal (pinkish tan), or Uncensored (dark brown) all over the lid, Unspoken (warm dark tan matte) as a blending shade, and Uncensored or Untamed (dark red brown) to define the outer corner.

Or, for a quick and easy look, use the shadows by column!  Each column presents a lovely little duo.  It’s like magic!

You can of course mix up the shadows if you’re talented that way and can think when you wake up in the mornings. I obviously cannot, but I know you can achieve countless flattering looks with this palette.  The shades are all neutral enough that they work with each other, yet they also all pop enough to be interesting.  I am excited to try out different combos over time!

Pigmentation is wonderful, and texture is creamy and blendable.  I did have some fall out with a shadow – I’m thinking it was Unbelievable.  I’m not 100% sure it was Unbelievable because I only noticed it on my cheeks after I finished my look.  Not a deal breaker for me considering this is the only fault I can find with this palette.   Holding a tissue on your cheeks to catch the fallout seems to be a quick and easy way to remedy this.

Overall, I highly recommend this palette.  I think you’ll easily find a use for every single shadow, which is rare for a palette.  The tones are neutral enough that you can use them for everyday makeup, but you can also definitely achieve classy glamorous looks with these shades as well.  Also, the fact that after a few years, it still gets really high reviews means  It’s time-tested, y’all.

lorac unzipped

The palette itself is surprisingly thin and does not take up much space.  It also comes with a good sized mirror that I enjoy using.  I’m not really fan of the zipper design on the front, but no big deal.  It is called Unzipped after all.

I hope you found this post helpful!  Do you have this palette?  What do you think about it and the new Unzipped Sunset palettes?

All item mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.




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