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Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion Review for Pale Skin!

If you’ve got pale skin and are thinking about getting the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion, read on to see my thoughts on it for pale skin!

Hera is a Korean brand of cosmetics.  I got a refill compact of the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion in the shade 13 Ivory, to try out, and also because I just love the name Hera, haha.  Any other Greek mythology buffs out there?

The pros of this cushion:

Shade 13 Ivory is light enough for me!  It is a light neutral shade.  For reference, I am in the shade Y205 Alabaster for the MUFE Ultra HD foundation, and Y215 Yellow Alabaster for the MUFE Water Blend foundation.  I have been matched to NC15 for MAC, but I think NC5 or NC10 would be better if MAC made those shades.  I have a neutral skin tone, but lean towards yellow.

Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion Shade 13 Ivory

Nothing on my face except the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion in shade 13 Ivory

It is a dewy foundation.  It will make your skin glow, if you’re into that, which I am.

It offers light coverage, which I like, but this could be a con for some.

It’s moisturizing, so it’s good for dry skinned people like me.

It has SPF 34.  I would still use my regular sunscreen underneath though, as with all foundations.

It smells good.  The scent doesn’t linger on your face though.

It looks good in photos and in real life at a distance (when I see myself in a mirror, I think, the skin looks good)

Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion Shade 13 Ivory

On the skin: Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion Shade 13 Ivory with a layer of Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder, and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light

The cons:

It never sets.  I find the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion always feels sticky and tacky on my face.  I definitely needed to powder or else my hair gets stuck on my cheeks.

If you touch your face without setting with powder, foundation will come off, and the foundation also slides around on your face.

If you powder, it will look cakey and bring out any lines you have.  I think it still looks good in photos and if you’re not standing too close to people, but closer up, the cakiness shows.  Not pleasant!

I think it oxidizes a shade darker.

There does not seem to be much product in the cushion.  I used the cushion for 3 weeks and it looks empty.  I’m pressing the puff into the cushion pretty hard, and not much is coming up anymore (see photo).

Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion Shade 13 Ivory

I tried storing the cushion upside down so product can drain to the top of the cushion, but that did not help. I don’t even use that much product because I prefer a sheer layer of foundation!

I wondered if the product dried up because I don’t have the actual compact to store the refill in (I just got the refill cushion to try).  But the refill has its own cap that closes securely, so I don’t think drying up is the reason.

Do I recommend the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion? I don’t.

Honestly, with all the k-beauty craze going on, I’m disappointed that I haven’t found any Korean cosmetics that I like.  When I first used this cushion, I really thought I was going to like it.  Although the shade match is great for pale skin, and it will give you a lovely glow, the stickiness, cakiness, and “emptiness” of the Hera UV Mist Nude Cushion after less than a month of use is not my cup of tea.  I guess I am happy that I finished a foundation  for my Use Up That Makeup goals though!  I got the cushion from Jolse


All items mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.





Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer Review for Pale Skin!

If there is one thing I feel justified in splurging, it’s base makeup.  Truthfully, if your base makeup works well for your skin, then most of your work is done, and as much as I hate to admit it, I think there is a difference in quality between high end and drugstore foundations and concealers.  Besides formula, the biggest issue for me is color.  For all pale skinned people out there, you know that the drugstore color selection is sometimes horrifically lacking!  Well, now that that schpiel is done, I am here to say that splurge I did over the weekend, on the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer in the shade Y21, the palest yellow toned concealer shade in the collection. Read on for my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer review for pale skin!

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The Candleglow sheer perfecting powder is a pressed powder that you can use to set and finish makeup.  There are several different shades, and I got the lightest one, #1 Fair at Sephora

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