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Original Lorac Unzipped Palette!

Recently, Lorac released three new Unzipped eye shadow palettes inspired by three different Southern California landscapes.  Going with the popular “warm and hot” eye trend we see from the Urban Decay Naked Heat or Tarte Toasted palette that I don’t think is released yet, Lorac now has the Ocean Sunset, Mountain Sunset, and Desert Sunset palettes to add to the original Lorac Unzipped line.

When I saw pictures of them, I was excited for a split second.  But then I saw that in each palette, there are a few colors that I know I will not personally like or use (or know how to use).  So then I was not excited.   Those brighter purples or strong orange and red based colors are just not my thing.

If I had to choose one, the Unzipped Mountain Sunset palette may be the most useful out of the bunch in my opinion because the colors seem to work together the most, and it has a lovely dark forest green for an accent color.  But still…if I’m not going to use some of the colors, it doesn’t make sense to me to get the whole palette.  I for one will not be purchasing any of the new Unzipped Sunset palettes!

Instead (haha), I purchased something I’ve wanted and put a lot of thought into for a long time – the original Lorac Unzipped palette that has been out for a few years:

original lorac unzipped

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Essie Ballet Nudes At The Barre Nail Polish Review!

I use to be addicted to ballet.  I took lessons when I was young, during college I was in a dance group, and though I no longer do ballet, I am still drawn to ethereal tulles and beautifully arched feet in pointe shoes.  I’m hooked!  When I found out Essie came out with a line of Gel Couture nail polishes called Ballet Nudes, well, needless to say, I skedaddled over to Ulta.  Yes, they looked as classic and soft and perfect as I had always thought ballet was (though ballerinas are in no way, “soft”…behind that fairy-like beauty are muscles of steel and blood and sweat!).  I just picked up one color  called At the Barre.  Read on to see my Essie Ballet Nudes At The Barre Nail Polish review!

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