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Wet N Wild Stay Classy Nail Polish for Chic Nails

I go through phases where I get obsessed over a wearing a certain color on my nails, and now is one of those times.  If you want chic, neutral nails, but not your typical pale, sheer pinks, then this new nail polish find of mine could be your new obsession too:  Wet N Wild’s 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish in Stay Classy.

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Favorite Contouring Powders for Pale Skin

If you  have fair skin, you may find that contouring your face is a must.  For myself, I notice that in photos, my all around paleness lessens my facial dimensions.  I feel like I look puffy and white, like a marshmallow with no cheekbones!  With contouring, you can counteract this effect and bring back the dimensions of your face.  Here are my guidelines for choosing a contouring powder, and my favorite contouring powders for pale skin, along with one that did not work so well!

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Pale Skin Dark Lips Makeup

I think pale skin with dark, rich lip colors can be quite beautiful and very bold.  On one hand, it can look very chic.  On the other, it feels vampiric, which is perfect with Halloween around the corner!  Here is my attempt on pale skin dark lips makeup!

Image of pale skin dark lips makeup on www.thefairandtheglow.com

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Haul: Bare Minerals, MAC, Becca, Drugstore and more!

Hello everyone!  I’ve been wanting to try new foundations recently, which is an itch that comes regularly it seems.  While purchasing a few new ones to try, I also gave in and got some new eyeshadows and other bits and pieces that I’m excited to try out!

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