Use Up That Makeup! Update 1 and How I Sanitize Makeup

So, based on my recent posts, I clearly read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and loved it.  I plan on KonMari-ing my whole life. I started with makeup because I think it’s the area of my life that needed the most attention.  Clothes and shoes next, though I won’t be posting about that.

I had to go through my makeup a total of 5-6 rounds, sorting things that sparked joy in me, and things to be sanitized and donated or tossed.  I will be posting some quick reviews on the products I let go.  I had to go through so many rounds because letting go can be hard.  At times I wasn’t sure if I should let something go.  My thoughts were:  it’s a nice product, and maybe I’ll use it later; or ugh, that item was on the pricier side. But in the end, if I am honest with myself, I would just rather use something else because I’ve been ignoring it all this time.

This experience has taught me that there really are not as many products as I thought that truly gave me joy.  There are plenty of great products, but they don’t reach the point of giving me joy, and I had too many of them to use them all.

The way I interpret this sparking joy business is,  you’re not supposed to over-analyze or waver about your joy in an item.  Whether or not something sparks joy is a quick and sure thing much like a spark of light.  That is what you want to fill your home and life with.  The book states that the decision is usually an instantaneous feeling. It was hard for me at first, but I got better at it the more I practiced.

Now, I feel so liberated from all of the extra makeup “stuff” I felt I should get through before I could use what I really wanted!  I did keep some things that I wavered on because I think they are dormant, and as I rotate through my makeup baskets, the joy has a good chance of being reignited.  If not, letting go will be easier by then.

As for my April makeup basket, I have not been good about using any of the makeup in there.   Use Up That Makeup April edition seems like it’s going to be a flop!

I just have been wanting to keep it simple and wear glasses.  FYI, I’ve got the worst vision so putting on makeup without wearing contacts is near impossible and my brushes keep on bumping the mirror.  The only things I am interested in putting on my face right now are very basic items, like a bit of foundation, mascara, and lipstick.  Taking it back to when I first got into makeup!

I  am  actually going to declutter my Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+Smooth foundation that I put in my April Makeup Basket.  After using it again this month, I realized that while it did give me immense joy the first few months I got it, I now just prefer other foundations.  I guess we all change, and that’s ok.  It’s still a good foundation for dry skin, don’t get me wrong.  I would just rather use other things.  In addition, the bottle does not have a pump, and it annoys me that I need to be so careful about not spilling it.

Maybe the spark would have been preserved if I only ever had one or two foundations at a time to focus on, and I didn’t have all of these other foundations I would rather use now.  But that is not how events occurred, so I’ll just go with it and not feel guilty about it.  And after thinking about it some more, just because an item is good, does not mean I have to own it, especially if it won’t be allowed to serve its purpose.

I have really been enjoying a cocktail of two waterproof mascaras (Lancome Definicils and Maybelline Full N Soft)  in my basket that are doing wonders for my little lashes though.  Definicils really lengthens and separates, and my lashes become quite fluttery.  The Full N Soft makes my lashes pretty.  It’s a no frills mascara that volumizes and lengthens a little.  It has a boring brush wand, but something about it just works!  I always fall back in love with Full N Soft when I use it again.  The only thing is the waterproof formulas are a little uncomfortable and tight feeling on my lash line, as if the waxiness is pulling on my lashes – does anyone else feel that way with waterproof?  Maybe I’ll go back to regular mascara after I use these up.

In the midst of KonMari-ing my makeup, I also got on a roll and cleaned and sanitized ALL of my makeup and ALL of my brushes.  I thought I would take this post to show you how I do that. This is just my personal method.  It’s not necessarily the best way or the correct way, but it’s what I do.  There are tons of other youtube videos and blog posts about how to clean makeup and brushes.  You can choose your favorite!

Here are the products I use.  Its very simple and cheap!

sanitizing makeup and brushes

I just use a baby shampoo, rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol.  For the rubbing alcohol, I buy the one with the highest alcohol content in the store at the time, but at least 70%.

And this is how I clean and sanitize makeup by category–  warning: it’s repetitive.

Powders (face powders/eye shadows/blushes/etc):

  1. Thoroughly spritz the powder with alcohol (2-5 spritzes depending on how big the product is).  Let dry.
  2. take a clean tissue and wipe off top layer.
  3. Thoroughly spritz the powder with alcohol again  and let dry.
  4. If I think the makeup just needs a quick clean, I’ll just do step 3.

Eye/Brow/Pencil products:

  1. Pencils: spritz with alcohol, and use tissue to wipe off outer layer of product. Take a clean sharpener, spritz the sharpener with alcohol and dry.  Sharpen the pencil.  Spritz with alcohol again for good measure.  (Usually, sharpening is enough I think, but I was on a mission so I figured I would sanitize them)
  2. Mechanical Pencil liners:  twist up a small portion and spritz with alcohol.  Use tissue to wipe product gently so as not to break it.  Spritz with alcohol again and let dry.  (If it just needs a quick clean, I just spritz with alcohol and let dry)
  3. Gel Liner: spritz with alcohol and let dry.  Use tissue to wipe off top layer.  Thoroughly spritz again with alcohol, and let dry.  Take care not to forget about it or else the gel liner itself will dry out.  (again, if it just needs a quick clean, I’ll just spritz with alcohol and let it dry)
  4. Liquid Liner:  If something happens to my liquid liners, I throw them away.


  1. Twist up a little more than what I normally do.  Spritz with alcohol
  2. wipe off outer layer,
  3. spritz again with alcohol and let dry

Cream products (ex. paint pots, blushes)

  1. spritz with alcohol. Let dry.
  2. wipe off top layer
  3. spritz with alcohol and let dry.

To clean and sanitize my brushes, I do the following:

  1. Wet brushes with water (not the ferrules and handles)
  2. pour some baby shampoo onto hand or brush cleaning mitt.  I like the real techniques mitt.
  3. swirl the brush in the shampoo to get a nice lather
  4. Rinse and repeat until clean.
  5. wipe brushes off on a clean towel
  6. pour some alcohol onto a cotton pad and wipe down brush handles to sanitize
  7. pour a bit of alcohol into a small bowl
  8. quickly dip the brush end into the alcohol, and wipe off on a clean towel
  9. lay flat over the edge of a table to dry.

If I don’t need to sanitize my brushes, I just do steps 1-5 and lay them flat over the edge of a table to dry.

And here there they are, my army of freshly cleaned and sanitized brushes.  Do I have too many? Possibly.  This is the first time I’ve cleaned them all at once, and I estimate it was 2.5 feet lined up.  I’ll be decluttering the ones I don’t reach for and donating them.  After all, if I’m donating makeup, there should be some brushes to go with it or it’ll be so hard to use!

sanitize makeup brushes


All products mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.





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