What’s In My Minimalist Travel Makeup Bag! Sort Of

I’ll be traveling soon so I thought I would do a quick post about what’s in my travel makeup bag!  It’s not as minimalist as I would like, but I have a lot of products I am working on using now.  One day, I’ll get it down to where I want it to be.  Read on to see what’s in my wannabe minimalist travel makeup bag!

what's in my travel makeup bag minimalist

Here she is – my travel makeup bag.  It’s actually a portfolio style makeup case by Sonia Kashuk that I got from Target.  I love it because it is a nice rectangle shape so it’s easy to pack into luggage.  I’ve always sort of hated regular makeup bags because they are usually unstructured.

As for what’s inside…

what's in my travel makeup bag minimalist

It can fit a lot more than I am packing, but I don’t want to fill it up.  When I think about it, what I take with me when I travel is probably all the makeup I really need in life.  Perhaps the goal should be to have a collection that I can travel with in its entirety, that fits comfortably in this one portfolio.  Hmm.

The middle divider flap is where the brushes are kept.  I am waiting for some to dry right now because I just washed them, but here are all of the brushes I plan on taking:

what's in my travel makeup bag brushes

From left to right we have the big fluffy Real Techniques powder brush, MAC 187 (for bronzer), two MAC 168 brushes (contour/highlight), ELF Flawless Face Brush (blush), Real Techniques deluxe crease brush (to contour my nose), Essence slanted eyeliner brush, Real Techniques base shadow brush and MAC 217 brush (these are similarly shaped and I prefer these for eye shadows rather than traditional flat shader brushes).

I probably don’t need a brush just for nose contouring, but I love how soft the brush is and how it fits my nose nicely. And maybe I don’t need to bring two eye shadow brushes, but I always bring a backup just in case I drop one on the floor.

Onto the makeup:

what's in my travel makeup bag minimalist

Base – I’m taking my ride-or-die foundation, MUFE Water Blend in the shade Y215. Also, MAC Fix+.  I kind of didn’t want to pack the Fix+, not because I don’t like it, but because it is another liquid.  And I kind of don’t need it.  However, it is travel sized, and I can make some progress on using it when I’m gone.

Concealer- MUFE Ultra HD concealer in the shade Y21.

Brow – Rimmel brow pencil in the shade brown black.  This was in my April makeup basket, and it’s taking forever to finish.  I think I’ve had it for 5-6 months, and I’m not even halfway through.  It is a good pencil, but…dang.

Eye primer – MAC paint pot for eye shadow base.  I don’t really need this as I often go without an eye shadow primer.  But I’m trying to make a dent in it, so it’s coming with me.

Travel sized mascara – I’m bringing Benefits Roller Lash because it’s conveniently small.  I haven’t use it before, so it’ll be a fun little surprise for me on my trip.

Lips – Rimmel Moisture Renew clear lip liner.  I don’t need this.  I’m just trying to use it up.

Perfume – Chloe Fleur de Parfum sample. I’ll finish this sample while on my trip because there are only a few sprays worth left.  Love this stuff!

In the large pocket on the other side of my makeup bag, I keep products that are bigger or have more rectangular and hard packaging:

what's in my travel makeup bag minimalist

Face powder – Bobbi Brown’s sheer pressed powder in Pale Yellow.  This is a new product I got prior to instituting my no buy.  I think I’ll also put this in my May makeup basket since it’s almost May anyway and because I’m excited to use it!

Highlight/Glow product- Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar. This was in my April basket and I still want to use it.  This may go into my May Makeup Basket as well.  I think I should do a more in depth review on this product at some point.

Bronzer – L’Oreal True Match blush in Bare Honey.  It’s a blush, but I’ve been using it as a bronzer.  It is quite similar in color to Benefit’s Hoola Lite, and it’s the least bulky of my bronzers, so I’m taking it with me.  I typically can do without bronzer, but I’m getting into them now that there has been a recent surge in options for light bronzers.  Plus, I need to use up what I bought.

Blush – Bobbi Brown Nude Peach blush.  This blush gives me such joy.  Such joy. It was in my April basket, and I don’t mind using it at all for another week.  It is also the least bulky of my blushes.

Eye shadow duo- I’m taking the Clinique duo in Starlight Starbright.  I LOVE this duo, and I’m so glad I’ve re-found it after I started rotating my makeup.  It is perfectly travel-sized, neutral and beautiful.

Eyeliner – Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Espresso.  Using eye shadow as eye liner is easy and no-fuss, which is what I’m all about these days.  It can of course also double as an eye shadow for a more intense look.

And that’s it for my (sort of) minimalist travel makeup bag!  One product per category, with some items I can do without!  What’s in your minimalist travel makeup bag?  Thanks for reading!


All items mentioned were purchased by myself.  All opinions are my own.





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